"Kill sperm" food can cause weak sperm disease

In recent years, the food in the family recipes update more and more quickly. To a man, because of having a shoulder the responsibilities, eat more in the bitter hard, eat more and miscellaneous became a feature of a male. And here, hospital expert points out: a lot of pure food can kill the kill sperm, leading to the emergence of weak sperm disease!!!!! Exactly what food? Listen to experts to your number one.

First some Fried chicken. Experts point out that, barbecue and Fried starchy food contains toxic carcinogenic acrylamide, can lead to less male, weak sperm. In addition, heavy metal cadmium, pesticide residues were in sperm production toxicity. In the disease, varicocele can affect the generation of the testicles, so this kind of less refined disease, weak sperm in patients should be had conducted.

Weak sperm disease's second largest killer is beer. If had diseases of the kidney, and unrestricted a lot to drink beer, can make the uric acid deposition cause renal tubular jams, cause kidney failure.

The third is the coffee. Coffee is a refreshing xingnao role, because it contains caffeine stimulate a sympathetic. Sympathetic to all activities of the day people, it stimulated, people will be inspired and vigor multiply. And alongside the parasympathetic nerve night the men of the physiology, such as sexual related with erection activities, it and sympathetic belongs to the table with the relationship. When the sympathetic nervous activity frequently, relatively weak parasympathetic nerve will be repressed, the clinical manifestations of the sexual desire to the problem.

The fourth is tofu. Soybean products on the male reproductive system, especially the generation of sperm have an adverse effect. Soybean products contains abundant isoflavone plant estrogen, if absorbed overmuch, nature will affect male body of the male hormone level, leading to a series of negative consequences.

The fifth is milk tea. The market is more than pearl milk tea with milk essence, pigment, essence and cassava powder (refers to the pearl milk tea) and tap water is made. And cream main ingredients hydrogenated vegetable oil, is a kind of trans fatty acids. Trans fatty acids will reduce the male hormone secretion, sperm activity to produce negative influence, the interrupt sperm inside the body of the reaction process.

The last one is a pig waist. The liver, the internal organs, pigs testicular, want to "eat what repair what" of the people, but be careful, because to eat many, not only does not fill to the body, still possible infertility. According to Taiwan's latest research at chang gung memorial hospital, pig, ox, sheep found the liver, kidneys, inside are different levels of heavy metal cadmium, people in the nutrition of the cadmium also eat into the belly, will likely cause infertility infertility, if plus itself is smoking crowd, infertility risk as high as sixty percent.


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