Why have the semen strong smell

All of the men and women who have had sexual experience, will be aware of the semen from a man a strong odor. For this kind of odour, someone feel disgusted, said it was unpleasant; Some think a faint fragrance, said it refreshing, exciting. The two completely opposite feeling, and the level of sexual desire, spirit to blend depth, the meat of the sexual behavior and attitude to physiological, psychological factors are closely related. And scientists are interested in is, smell what come from, it's there have what meaning?

Semen and saliva, stomach intestine fluid, blood, etc all belong to the human body as the body fluid, but only the smell of semen most evident. Semen is not like other body fluids that simple, it is a kind of mixture. Semen outside except sperm, other seminal plasma composition by prostate fluid, liquid, the seminal vesicle epididymis fluid and urethra, several of the vas deferens secretion.

The smell of the normal sperm is by a kind of pure ammonia chemicals called by oxidation later send out the, much like the chestnut the smell of the flowers. Fine ammonia is prostate secretion with one of the ingredients of several important. The oxidation of the pure ammonia must have the participation of the seminal vesicle liquid, made by transrectal massage prostate liquid, it generally does not with the smell of semen natural ejaculation. Visible, normal ejaculation the smell of semen from the prostate, but in the seminal vesicle liquid participation to send out the. Lack of this special odor semen often said prostate impairment, many patients with prostate the semen of smelling the smells often.

As for the semen odor what physiological significance, presumably with libido and sexual behavior may be relevant. In the lower animals, both sexes sexual activity and sexual selection of information rely mainly on the smell to transmission; Many mammals in the heat of a special odor will send out, to attract the opposite sex kind. Although the human in the evolution of sexual stimulation way accept expansion, smell in the status of sexual selection to the vision. But in recent years scientists in the human body found many can smell the influence on the opposite sex from the secretion of material, show that sense of smell might still is human body important sense organs of sex, it is necessary to make further research.

As for the smell of semen don't eliminate it, also can't eliminate it. Love the clean natural is right, but if the sexual behavior and semen and is now a "dirty" things, is clearly a fusty conception. Another warned the people love clean, too much use deodorant or perfume "outside the thing", will make you lose the natural taste of charm.

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